Server Information
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DatacenterPhoenix Arizona, United States (America)
World configuration:Full 7.10 Realmap Server
Worldtype:PvP with Skulls (unjust system)
Game Engine:Running on OTHire 1.0 + Modifications
Expshare:To activate it, simply say /share or !share, remember that everyone has to be without PZ/Monster-lock sign
Blessings:All blessings are enabled you need to buy them in each NPC like on Tibia Cipsoft.
RS/BAN:For redskull it is (4 frags) and for ban it is (7 frags).
Buy house:To buy a you need to be premium account after that just stand infront of the door and type /buyhouse. You have to be at least level 20 to purchase a house.
Runes, Manas and lf in shop (PS) we dont sell runes in bp you need to buy them like single:Keywords: bp mf, bp lf, uh, gfb, mw
          Premium Account Information
        • You gain 20% more experience
        • You will have full light.
        • You are able to use !bless command (instant bless)
        • You can create Guilds.
        • You buy houses
        • Premium Features Information here
        • To buy the Premium Account press here
          Experience Stages
        • From Level 1 To Level 12
        • 3030x
        • From Level 13 To Level 20
        • 2020x
        • From Level 20 To Level 30
        • 1010x
        • From Level 30 To Level 50
        • 77x
        • From Level 50 To Level 75
        • 55x
        • From Level 75 To Level 100
        • 33x
        • From Level 100+
        • 22x
          Magic rate:4x
          Skill rate:8x
          Loot Rate:3x
          Custom Client
        • CAM player
        • CAM Recorder
        • Auto Updater
                        Authentic gameplay
                      • Old War System
                      • 100% push system
                      • 100% aim system
                      • 100% angle system
                      • 100% paralyze system
                      • Improved walk system
                      • Amazing atmosphere which replicates golden days!
                                        New Features
                                      • No PZ on boats (No pz on carpets)
                                      • Boosted tombs (Still in Progress)
                                      • Travel to Varkhal from Folda!
                                      • Travel to Port Hope And Varkhal from Carpet NPCs!
                                      • Burst Arrows based on Magic And Level!
                                      • Varkhal Dragons And DLS Boosted
                                      • UE/GFB division (5% reduction dmg/player, max:50%)

                                      • © Tibiana 7.1. Credits.